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1485 Tri Club Running Results 2022

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Results Taken Until the End of October:

1485 Standard Run Times For Your Age

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Running Results 2022


Gracie-Rose Walters AG Junior (16)
Leicestershire Cross Country 5K 8th Jan 26.13
Midlands Cross Country Mansfield 5k 29th Jan 21.40
National Cross country London 5K 26th Feb 24.04
Maldon PR 1st Jan 21.17
Loughborough Inter counties XC 5.4K 12th March 24.53
ESAA  XC Championship 3.9K 19th March 16.32
Race Rapid 5K Mallory Park 16th April
Rothley 10k 7th June 44.54

A morris  AG 60/64
Frome PR 8th jan  24.39
Bedworth PR 15th jan 25.39
Bedworth PR 22nd jan 25.39
Bedworth PR 29th jan 26.10
Bedworth PR 12th Feb 25.43
Bedworth PR 19th Feb 25.18
Bedworth PR 26th Feb 25.09
Bedworth PR 12th March 25.42
Bedworth PR 2nd April 26.32
Hinckley PR 9th April 27.39
Hinckley PR 23rd April 26.34
Hinckley PR 30th April 24.56
Hinckley PR 16th July  25.02
Hinckley PR 23rd July 24.10
Hinckley PR 13th August 23.38
Hinckley PR 27th August 24.11.                              Hinckley PR 1st October 24.24

J morris AG 60/63
Frome PR 8th Jan 36.21
Bedworth PR 15th Jan 36.46
Bedworth PR 22nd jan 36.16
Bedworth PR 29th Jan 36.44
Bedworth PR 5th Feb 35.50
Bedworth PR 12th Feb 35.09
Bedworth PR 19th Feb 35.39
Bedworth PR 2nd April 37.37
Hinckley PR 9th April 36.54
Hinckley PR 16th April 36.08
Hinckley PR 23rd April 35.53
Hinckley PR 16th July  36.28
Hinckley PR 23rd July 36.13
Hinckley PR 13th August 35.20.                              Hinckley PR 1st October 35.14

Simon Earley AG 55/59
Braunstone PR 1st Jan 20.25
Rugby PR 8th Jan 21.10
Bedworth PR 15th Jan 20.46
Bedworth PR 29th Jan 19.47
Bedworth PR 5th Feb 24.06
Bedworth PR 19th Feb 19.42
Stilton 7 27th Feb 47.38
Bedworth PR 5th March 20.34
Hinckley PR April 2nd 20.28
Sheringham PR April 16th 20.49
Hinckley PR April 23rd 19.46
Hinckley PR 25th June 21.50
Hinckley PR 23rd July 21.55
Hinckley PR 27th August 20.05
Munich PR 3rd September 22.52
Nuneaton 10k 11th Sept 41.21

Andie Earley AG
Braunstone PR 1st Jan 32.24
Rugby PR 8th Jan 34.20
Bedworth PR 15th Jan 32.57
Bedworth PR 29th Jan 32.12
Bedworth PR 12th Feb 33.31
Bedworth PR 19th Feb 31.49

Stilton 7 27th Feb 1.18.24
Hinckley PR April 2nd 35.06
Sheringham PR April 16th 34.07
Hinckley PR 23rd April 34.45
Hinckley PR 25th June 34.48
Hinckley PR 16th July  33.55
Hinckley PR 23rd July 1.01.40
Hinckley PR 27th August 34.50
Munich PR 3rd September 38.51

James Goode AG 40/44
Conkers PR 12th Feb 23.32
Leicestershire Half 27th Feb1.41.31
Mallory Park 10K 17th April 45.41

Stacy Robinson AG 40/44
Leicestershire Half 27th Feb 1.54.34
Mallory Park 10K 17th April 51.03
Conkers PR 25th June 26.33
Conkers PR 5K 23rd July 23.23
Conkers PR 20th Aug 26.40

Leicester Half 30th October 1.58.41

Tom Harriman AG 20/24

Leicester Half 30th October 1.34.47

Mark Frost AG 50/54
Leicestershire Half 27th Feb 1.41.31
Mallory Park 10K 17th April 43.58
Rothley 10K  7th June  47.23. 

Tamworth 10k 16th October 45.38                          Watermead PR 22nd October 21.31 PB 

Leicester Half 30th October 1.42.37

Linda Whitelegg AG 55/59
Leicestershire Cross Country 8K 8th Jan 45.56
Stilton 7 27th Feb 55.29

Striders Champs 5 Miles 1st Sept 41.04
Nuneaton 10K 11th Sept 49.35

Tissington Half Marathon 24th Sept 1.35.33

Cannock Chase Half 23rd Oct 2.13.33

Leicester Half 30th October 1.49.37

Chris Minto AG 50/54

Stilton 7 27th Feb 54.56 
Strider Champs 5 Miles 1st Sept 35.33
Switherland 6 Miles 12th June 43.39
Nuneaton 10k 11th Sept 44.17 
Tissington Half Marathon 24th Sept 1.35.29 

Leicester Half 30th October 1.38.34

Karen Garlick AG
Market Harborough 5K PR 8th Jan 29.57
Conkers PR 20th Aug 29.54.                                    Conkers PR 8th October 30.18

Kelsie Johnson AG 25/29
Nottingham 10K Feb 13th 45.25
Draycote Water Half Marathon March13th 1.40.34

Manchester Half Marathon 10th Sept 1.37.39

Chloe Brown
Ashby 20 March 20th 4.34.27
Birmingham Half May 1st 2.52.57


Sarah Martin 

Dublin Half 30th October 6.58.07

Richard Russell
Ashby 20 March 20th 2.51.53

Sadie Walker
Mallory Park 10K 17th April 42.39
Rothley 10k 7th June 52.05
Conkers PR 25th June  20.22
Conkers PR 20th Aug 21.43

Michelle Fowler
Birmingham Half May 1st 2.06.32
Rothley 10K 57.09
Conkers PR 26.16
Conkers PR 23rd July 26.5

Kerry Bonham
Birmingham Half May 1st 2.04.43
Conkers PR 20th Aug 29.54

Leicester Half 30th October 2.02.28

Paul Rayner 28th May
Seaton PR 5K 27.15
2 Castles 10K 12th June 57.33
Nuneaton 10k 11th Sept 57.12
Leicester Half 30th October 2.14.51

Mike Walters
Rothley 10k 7th June 56.01
Nuneaton 10k 11th Sept 50.32 PB

Phil Murray
Rothley 10K 7th June 1.05.09
Conkers PR 23rd July 30.30

Helen Wilebore
Hinckley PR 23rd July 26.40
Hinckley PR 27th August 27 46

Neil Bacon
Rothley 10K 7th June 1.14.56
Nuneaton 10k 11th Sept 1.13.45

Ann Dale
Rothley 10K 7th June
Nuneaton 10K 11th Sept 1.13.45

Jane Farmer
Conkers PR 5K 18th June  31.03.                            Conkers PR 5k 8th October 3028
Conkers PR 5k 22nd October 32.32

Ash Norman
Conkers PR 25th June 20.33

Marc Stait
Kingsbury PR 25th June 19.09


Steve Hatcher. AG 50/54
Braunstone PR 2nd July  27.28
Hinckley PR 13th August 27.25
Hinckley PR 27th August 25.42

Folkestone PR 17th Sept 25.21.                              Richmond  PR 8th October 25.59                          
Isobel Sykes
Lands End PR 2nd July  22.16


Jess Rigg

Watermead PR 22nd October 28.34

Gary Sykes
Lands End PR 2nd July 23.39

Adam Zavalis
Watermead PR 23rd July 21.12
Leicester Half 30th October 2.09.36

Alex Fearn
Conkers PR 23rd July 22.18

Conkers PR 17th Sept 22.01

Watermead PR 24th Sept 21.52 PB
Watermead PR 22nd October 22.13

Leicester Half 30th October 1.48.38


Ellie Highton

Watermead PR 22nd October 25.42


Pete Wincherster
Conkers PR 20th Aug 25.09
Leicester Half 30th October 1.54.17


Stephen Warran
Llanishen PR 10th Sept 33.02

Pat Warran
Llanishen PR 10th Sept 40.38

Rob Gell
Nuneaton 10k 11th Sept 53.36: PB

Leicester Half 30th October 1.58.02

Luke Jones

Hinckley PR 1st October 20.08

Jack Farmer

Conkers PR 8th October 27.43

Conkers PR 22nd October 26.07 PB

















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