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1485 10 Mile Time Trial Events  

1485 is an Affiliated Club to the CTT

We are organising 10 Mile Time Trial Events again this year in 2022

The events will be on the  K40/10MB Course HERES The Course

2021 Results Here

2020 Results Here

2019 Results Here

2018 Results Here

Signing on will be at the MK Bosworth Sports Club Wellsborough Rd opposite the Marina, CV13 6PD from 6.15pm til 6.45pm

The Dates are

12th May 7pm Start.
19th May 7pm Start
26th May 7pm Start
2nd June 7pm Start

 11th August 7pm Start  
18th August 7pm Start
25th August 7pm Start

  £5 Non 1485 Members £4 Members

  Riders MUST have a Front & Rear Light No Lights No Ride

Mens Course Record Robert Gibbons  21.31 Race Rapid

Womens Course Record Alison Favargue Empella 25.37 Empella

Junior Course Record Jack Farmer 26.12 1485 Tri Club

Juvenile Course Record (Male) Luke Jones 26.47 Beeston CC

Juvenile Course Record (Female) Bethany Ann Jackson Leicester Forest CC 29.58 


Event Name: 1485 Tri Club Evening 10 Mile Time Trial
Event Location: Market Bosworth Sports Club CV13 6PD For Signing On

Course K40/10MB

No pusher off. You must start the event with one foot on the floor.

Our club time trials are usually open to anyone who is a member of a Cycling Time Trials (CTT) affiliated club. They are probably the easiest way to start racing and can just be used as a good training session. The riders taking part cover a varied range of abilities so you’ll always have someone of a similar level to compete against. Please note that if you are riding in our events you must use a working Rear and Front Light in accordance with CTT Regulations


K40/10MB TT 2022 RESULTS

May 12th 2022
John Stretton HCRC 28.40
Dave Bennett 25.10
Geoff Parkin 1485 Tri 26.29
Pam Moore 1485 Tri 29.30
David Lawrie 1485 Tri 25.21
Ash Norman 1485 Tri 26.55
Linda Whitelegg 1485 Tri 30.03
Stuart Hughes Speedhub 26.21

May 19th 2022
Geoff Parking 1485 Tri 25.20 CPB
Dave Bennett Audax 24.55
Matt Mann HCRC 24.10
Pam Moore 1485 Tri 28.40
John Stretton HCRC 28.11
Jane Hagley SSVC 32.14
Chris Minto 1485 Tri 26.17
Sarah Sodan LFCC 29.42
Linda Whitelegg 1485 Tri 29.21 CPB
Ruth Wilson Vector Racing 39.57 (Mechanical issue)

May 26th 2022
Geoff Parkin 1485 Tri 25.43
Dave Bennett  24.44
Robert Gibbons Race Rapid 22.29
John Tracey 1485 Tri 25.30
Tim Hood Team Bottrill 21.40
Mick Wills Lutterworth RTTC 25.56
Jane Hagley  SSVC 31.30
David Lawrie 1485 Tri 24.59
Ann Dale 1485 Tri 35.24
Sarha Soden LFCC 30.00

June 2nd 2022
Geoff Parkin 1485 Tri 24.40
Robert Gibbons Race Rapid 22.44
David Lawrie 1485 Tri 24.55
John Stretton HCRC 28.02
Adrian Kenny Titan Tri 25.31
Dave Bennett  24.48
Ann Dale 1485 Tri 34.21 PB
Paul Raynor 1485 Tri 30.25
Colin Jones 1485 Tri 29.21
Dan Buac  30.28
Ruth Wilson Vector Racing 31.23

18th August
David Lawrie 25.21
Geoff Parkin 25.45
Matt Bray 27.38
Tony Hayman Pete Winchester 2upp 28.46
Jack Farmer 29.09
Colin Jones 29.41
Kerry Bonham 32.11
Paul Raynor 33.25
Karen Garlick 33.45
Rachel Farrington 35.13
Ann Dale 37.26
Oliver Searle 24.03
Mick Wills 24.52
Sarah Soden 29.47
Jane Hagley 30.53


25th August

Dave Bennet  24.15
Robert Gibbons Race Rapid 22.17
Oliver Searle HCRC 23.23
Jane Hagley SSVC 29.52 PB
Matt Finch LFCC 28.27
Tim Hood Team Bottrill 21.55
John Stretton HCRC 28.43
Sarah Soden LFCC 29.13
Mick Wills Lutterworth CC 24.24
Ann Dale 1485 Tri 35.19
Louise Bailey 1485 Tri 32.40
Paul Raynor 1485 Tri 31.57
David Lawrie 1485 Tri 24.56
Tony Hayman 1485 Tri 27.37
Rachel Farrington 1485 Tri 31.57 PB
Karen Garlick 1485 Tri 32.02 PB 





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