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1485 10 Mile Time Trial Events  

1485 is an Affiliated Club to the CTT

We are organising 10 Mile Time Trial Events again this year in 2021

The events will be on the  K40/10MB Course HERES The Course

2020 Results Here

2019 Results Here

2018 Results Here

Signing on will be at the MK Bosworth Sports Club Wellsborough Rd opposite the Marina, from 6.15pm til 6.45pm

The Dates are

13th May 7pm Start.
20th May 7pm Start
27th May 7pm Start
3rd June 7pm Start

 5th August 7pm Start
12th August 7pm Start
19th August 7pm Start

  £5 Non 1485 Members £4 Members

             Riders MUST have a Rear Light No Light No Ride

Mens Course Record Robert Gibbons  21.31 Race Rapid

Womens Course Record Alison Favargue Empella 25.37 Empella

Junior Course Record Jack Farmer 26.12 1485 Tri Club

Juvenile Course Record (Male) Luke Jones 26.47 Beeston CC

Juvenile Course Record (Female) Bethany Ann Jackson Leicester Forest CC 29.58 


Event Name: 1485 Tri Club Evening 10 Mile Time Trial
Event Details: 30th July 2020
Event Location: Course K40/10MB

Time Trial Event Notes - please read!
Competitors should not attend if they feel ill in ANY way or if family members have any symptoms.
Note there are no marshals - course descriptions are available on the 1485 Tri Club Website. www.1485triclub.com
No pusher off. You must start the event with one foot on the floor.
Events are for anyone who is a member of an the (CTT or an affiliated CTT CLUB) and be limited to 30 riders maximum - we will review this after the first event and consider relaxing the limit and No 2-up riding allowed.

Signing on
Will be done by nominated official only
The signing on sheet we need your name and a emergency contact number.
Signing on official will give you your race number which will have been cleaned before hand.
At the end of the event put your number in the bucket/Box for cleaning after the event.
Payment - £4 for 1485 Tri Club Members £5 Others entry, cash only in the collection box at the start of the event. Please try and bring correct money:

Our club time trials are usually open to anyone who is a member of a Cycling Time Trials (CTT) affiliated club. They are probably the easiest way to start racing and can just be used as a good training session. The riders taking part cover a varied range of abilities so you’ll always have someone of a similar level to compete against. Please note that if you are riding in our events you must use a working rear light in accordance with the updated CTT regulations


Start / Finish Area

Riders must not gather in anyway in the start or finish areas or elsewhere.
Area marked from the rear of bike to front of next bike to be 2 metres.
No more than three riders queuing.
No static warm ups at the start - warm up on the road.
Time keepers to be at least 1mtr away from Start and Finish.

Competitors on finishing must not stop at the finish and loiter at the HQ/car park and
Should pack away and leave immediately upon completion of the race. After retuning their numbers.

No times to be given at the finish. Results will be published on line via 1485 Tri Club on social media:

No support can be provided if a competitor suffers mechanical difficulties. It is strongly advised that all competitors carry with them a spare inner tube/tubular, pump and tyre levers if required.
Anything you bring with you to the start you will need to take with you or leave at your own risk (we can't place things into the timekeepers vehicle)
No stationary warm ups on rollers / turbo please.


  K40/10MB 30th July 2020
Claire Davies 1485 Tri Club  27.55
Mark Frost 1485 Tri Club 27.53
Mick Wills Lutterworth Cycling 24.21
Emma Hill BlackLine 28.30
David Lawrie 1485 Tri Club 25.51
John Stretton HCRC 29.12
Gary Ashwell  26.35
Lisa Wright 1485 Tri Club 28.00
Chris Minto 1485 Tri Club 25.51
Tim Hood Team Bottrill 22.21
Ann Dale 1485 Tri Club 34.27
Jack Farmer 1485 Tri Club 28 12
Alison Favargue Empella 25.37 (FM Course Record)
Richard Hammill 1485 Tri Club 28.25
Steve Taylor Speedhub 28.28
Jane Farmer 1485 Tri Club 32.33
Ben Kyte LFCC 26.56
Andy Egers Derby Mercury 24.24
Dale Norris LFCC 24.47
Robin Barber Speedhub 29.09
Gracie Walters 1485 Tri Club (juvenile) 30.53
Mike Walters 1485 Tri Club 29.20
  K40/10MB 20th Aug 2020
Mark Frost 1485 Tri Club 28.39
Mike Walters 1485 Tri Club 30.32
David Lawrie 1485 Tri Club 26.20
John Stretton HCRC 29.38
Pam Moore 1485 Tri Club 29.26
Luke Jones Beeston CC 26.47 CPB 
Freddy Pett DAP CC 23.57
Emma Hill Blackline 29.49
Stuart Hughes 1485 Tri Club 25.05
Gary Ashwell West End 27.11
Ann Dale 1485 Tri Club 35.30
Chris Minto 1485 Tri Club 27.34
Rebecca Beecroft DAP CC 30.50







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