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1485 Standard Running Times 2022

Standard Times Taken Until the End of October

Certificates Awarded for Bronze Silver Gold & Diamond Times depending on your age

Standard Running Times Here Award Times So Far

Gracie-Rose Walters AG Junior (16)

Race Rapid 5K Mallory Park 16th April
20.27 Diamond
Rothley 10k 7th June 44.54 Gold

A morris  AG 60/64
Hinckley PR 23rd July 24.10 Silver

J morris AG 60/63
Hinckley PR 1st October 35.14 Bronze

Simon Earley AG 55/59

Bedworth PR 19th Feb 19.42. Gold
Nuneaton 10k 11th Sept 41.21 Gold

Andie Earley AG 50/54

Bedworth PR 29th Jan 32.12 Bronze
Stilton 7 27th Feb 1hr.18.24 Bronze

James Goode AG 40/44
Conkers PR 12th Feb 23.32 Bronze
Leicestershire Half 27th Feb 1hr.41.31 Bronze
Mallory Park 10K 17th April 45.41 Bronze

Stacy Robinson AG 40/44

Leicestershire Half 27th Feb 1hr.54.34 Silver
Mallory Park 10K 17th April 51.03 Silver
Conkers PR  23rd July 25.45 Silver

Mark Frost AG 50/54
Leicestershire Half 27th Feb 1hr.41.31 Silver
Mallory Park 10K 17th April 43.58 Silver
Watermead PR 22nd October 21.31 Silver

Linda Whitelegg AG 55/59

Stilton 7 27th Feb 55.29 Gold
Striders Champs 5 Miles 1st Sept 41.04 Gold
Switherland 6 Mile 12th June 47.57 Gold
Stilton 7 Mile 27th Feb 55.29 Gold

Nuneaton 10K 11th Sept 49.35 Gold
Tissington Half Marathon 25th Sept 1.35.33 Diamond

Chris Minto AG 50/54
Stilton 7 27th Feb 54.56 Silver
Strider Champs 5 Miles 1st Sept 35.33 Silver
Switherland 6 Miles 12th June 43.39 SIlver
Nuneaton 10k 11th Sept 44.17 Silver
Tissington Half Marathon 24th Sept 1.35.29 Silver

Karen Garlick AG 50/54
Conkers PR 20th Aug 29.54 Bronze

Kelsie Johnson AG 25/29
Nottingham 10K Feb 13th 45.25 Bronze
Manchester Half Marathon 10th Sept 1.37.39 Gold

Chloe Brown AG 30/34
Ashby 20 March 20th 4.34.27. Merit
Birmingham Half May 1st 2.52.57 Merit

Richard Russell AG 35/39
Ashby 20 March 20th 2.51.53 Merit

Sadie Walker AG 40/44
Mallory Park 10K 17th April 42.39 Diamond
Conkers PR 25th June  20.22 Diamond

Michelle Fowler AG 50/54
Birmingham Half May 1st 2.06.32 Silver
Rothley 10K 57.09 Silver
Conkers PR 26.16 PB Silver

Kerry Bonham AG 40/44
Birmingham Half May 1st 2.04.43 Bronze
Conkers PR 17th Sept 26.33  Silver

Paul Rayner 28th May AG 55/59
Seaton PR 5K 27.15 Bronze
Nuneaton 10k 11th Sept 57.12 Merit

Mike Walters 45/49
Nuneaton 10k 11th Sept 50.32 Bronze

Phil Murray AG 55/59
Rothley 10K 7th June 1.05.09 Merit
Conkers PR 23rd July 30.30 Merit

Helen Wilebore AG 50/54
Hinckley PR 23rd July 26.40 Silver

Neil Bacon AG 50/54
Nuneaton 10k 11th Sept 1.13.45 Merit

Ann Dale AG 50/54
Nuneaton 10K 11th Sept 1.13.45 Merit

Jane Farmer AG  55/59
Conkers PR 5k 8th October  30.28 Bronze

Ash Norman AG 35/39
Conkers PR 25th June 20.33 Bronze

Marc Stait AG 35/39
Kingsbury PR 25th June 19.09 Silver


Steve Hatcher. AG 50/54

Folkestone PR 17th Sept 25.21 Bronze

Isobel Sykes AG 17
Lands End PR 2nd July  22.16 Silver +

Gary Sykes AG 50/54
Lands End PR 2nd July 23.39 Bronze

Adam Zavalis 40/44
Watermead PR 23rd July 21.12 Bronze

Alex Fearn  AG 25/29
Watermead PR 24th Sept 21.52 Bronze

Pete Wincherster AG 50/54
Conkers PR 20th Aug 25.09
Conkers PR 17th Sept 24.35 Bronze

Stephen Warran AG 70/74
Llanishen PR 5k 10th Sept 33.02 Bronze.              Richard Burton 10K 6th Nov 1.13.24 Merit

Pat Warran AG 70/74
Llanishen PR 10th Sept 40.38 Bronze.                    Richard Burton 10K 6th Nov 1.29.17

Rob Gell AG 55/59
Nuneaton 10k 11th Sept 53.36 Bronze

Luke Jones AG 15/16
Hinckley PR 5k 1st October 20.08 Silver +

Jack Farmer U40
Conkers PR 5k 22nd October 26.07 Merit

Jess Rigg 60/64
Watermead PR 5k 22nd October 28.34. Silver

Ellie Highton U40
Watermead PR 5k 22nd October 25.42 Bronze




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